The Wirelight is the solo project of Lewis Beard, an Atlanta, Georgia native and resident. Beard's been making music in some form or another since he was shackled to the piano and forced to undergo grueling weekly lessons as a child. Although he gratefully swapped those for a guitar as soon as he achieved some level of autonomy, he eventually made peace with the piano and continues to compose and perform on both instruments. Beard formed his first band, Stalking Louisiana, in high school and continued playing with that outfit during his ensuing sojourns to Davidson, North Carolina and Athens, Georgia.

Along the way, Beard released a solo EP (Gold Corrodes Quicker, 2008) and a solo LP (Flood | Lights, 2011) under his own name. He built both releases from the ground up - handling all performance, engineering, and production work - in a series of humble bedroom studios scattered across Georgia.

As The Wirelight, Beard is presently working on new music in and around his home studio in Atlanta. In a departure from the traditional folk-rooted, spare sound that has driven Beard's previous releases, The Wirelight prominently incorporates drum loops, synthesizers, and other assorted electronica in service of more fully realized, lush soundscapes.

As a songwriter, Beard has been described as "a bit of a wild card," a characterization that he wholeheartedly embraces and strives to embody daily.