What Is The Wirelight?


Hey - you found me! Congratulations, and welcome to The Wirelight.

So, first things first: what is The Wirelight? Easy: it's my solo project. It could eventually be filled out with band members, but right now, it's just me. It's meant to serve as an alternative outlet for my less band-y musical creations, and I decided against using my name for various reasons: I like "The Wirelight" and feel like it's a good descriptor of this project's sound; I don't want to clutter up the internet with too much overlapping stuff released under my name;  and this gives me space to expand the project in the future without becoming "The ____ ____ Band".

Also, you should know: you're a little early. There's nothing (new) to listen to yet. But I'm releasing a two-song single tentatively called "Set Me Down" in January (I can prove it, there's cover art), and there's a full-length album set to drop later on in 2018. In the meantime, to keep on top of things, you should totally sign up for my newsletter, which I promise won't show up more than once a month and will be massively entertaining/interesting. You can also use the rest of this website to peruse my older, named-after-me releasespeep my bio, or send me emails in the event you have something important to tell me.

To keep you occupied, I'll be regularly posting here about the songs contained in my upcoming releases and the grueling, chaotic process by which they were forged.

Keep in touch, intrepid visitor. Music is visible on the horizon.