Wyoming + New Show Date + The Future


This is it. You’ve made it to the end of the 2018 Singles Release Extravaganza, and your prize is the last song on that list: “Wyoming.” I’ve mentioned my proclivity for writing songs about places I’ve never visited, and this one fits right in; I’ve certainly never set foot in Wyoming, although I have skirted its borders on a few occasions. Seems like it might be a cool place. I wouldn’t know!

The song itself is in the tradition of some of these previous single releases, in that it features an acoustic guitar (picking this time, though!) tastefully accompanied by computer drum loops and buzzy synths. In a quasi-nod to Justin Vernon, frontman of Bon Iver and acknowledged master of stacked falsetto harmonies, the vocal harmonies are very prominent and pushed to the front of the mix, although I did end up using a more restrained number than his usual 10+ Army of Justins. The overall effect should feel a little “colder” in keeping with the lyrics’ setting and theme, which I’ll let you suss out for yourself in the event you’re inclined to engage in some deep analysis. Here she blows (click the art or listen below):


Oh, oh, and I’ve got a demo too! Because of the nature of the song - acoustic picking, quiet vocals, harmonies, etc. - this demo pretty much sounds like early Iron & Wine, which I’m totally cool with. I should probably release a full album that sounds like this, really.

Anyway: like I said, this is the last of the monthly single releases for the time being. I figured I’d do between five and seven, and while I do have a few more prepped that I could drop on you like so many hot potatoes, I may save those for later dates. If I had to encapsulate my overall takeaway from this whole nefarious experiment in one word, that word would be “interesting.” I don’t know that I’ve shot to the top of the charts or anything (well, yes I do - I haven’t shot to the top of the charts), but releasing and promoting songs at regular intervals has definitely worked to keep me engaged with my music and the pursuit of its dissemination in a way that I haven’t been in the past. So that’s nice. DIY marketing/promo is no easy feat, and trying to juggle all these chainsaws myself only makes clearer how brutal the music industry is in 2018. In terms of lifetime net revenue from writing, recording, playing, and releasing songs, I’m hilariously deep in the red, and I think it would take a pretty massive (and very unlikely) “hit” to get me back to even, much less turn any kind of profit. BUT - that’s not what it’s about! And even if Spotify only forks over a few greasy dollars for the plays I’ve accrued on its platform, I did still get those plays, and it’s gratifying to know that, somewhere deep in the inky, fathomless void of the internet, people are listening and responding. Or, you know, bots are conspiring against me. You never can tell with bots. Either way, I’m having fun, and besides, this was all just an appetizer to the main course.

So what’s the main course, exactly? Well, tie on a bib and strap on the old feedbag, you hungry toddler, because it’s a full-blown ten-song album comin’ atcha in 2019, and it’s gonna hit you like a pie in the face if you’re not paying attention. I’m deep into recording the crop of new songs, and at first blush (are you blushing? I’m blushing) they’re smelling real nice. Details about what this new project entails (and who’s involved) will be fed to you via slow drip blog post, so stay vigilant.

Finally, in more immediately pertinent news, you can catch me at The Earl on November 3rd opening up for Drew Beskin’s album release show. He’s got a stellar selection of bands lined up for the occasion, and his new album is quite delicious indeed (or at least Rolling Stone seems to think so, although I’ve never heard of them tbh), so you’d be wise to grab a ticket and come hang out. I promise to play some of this new stuff.

Lewis Beard