(Brace for) Brace for Impact


One month in, and that means it's almost time for SONG 2. BY BLUR. SONG 2 by the band BLUR. WOO-HOOOO!! WHEN I FEEL HEAVY METALLL!!! Right?! Well, maybe not. I didn't write that one, as dangerously awesome as it is. I guess Blur can keep it.

But I digress. It's time for my Song 2, and my Song 2 is called "Brace for Impact". I've got a number of down-tempo songs waiting patiently in the wings (they're the quiet type, and they don't want to be any trouble to their more energetic siblings), but since it's nearly July and perpetually 92 degrees in Atlanta (and the world, I assume, since I can't picture it being less than 92 degrees anywhere anymore), this one seemed like it might be the most seasonally appropriate. Did someone say SONG OF THE SUMMER?! They probably did, and they probably weren't talking about Brace for Impact.



Brace for Impact is a little more return-to-form for me than Peppermint, which was slathered in synth and kovered in keyboards. There's a little of that in here too, but it's more directly focused on guitar strums, four-on-the-floor drums (the real kind), and stacked-to-the-ceiling harmonies. You might even say it leans a little alt-country, if you're the kind of person who says that kind of thing. Are you?

We'll get to a point where I can stop talking about how old all these songs are, but we're not there yet, so here we go: this song is so old (HOW OLD IS IT?!) THIS SONG IS SO OLD that it was originally recorded using a pterodactyl's ribcage instead of a piano! That's not true. But it DOES date back seven years, which I think makes it the oldest of this current set of releases. On a sweltering late-summer day in 2011, I enlisted my bandmates at the time, @hallcarey and @reidscott, to pop over to my parents' house to lay down some tracks on a demo I'd just started work on. In 2018, almost all of those original tracks are dead and buried (there might be a little Reid still bassing around in there), but the bones are more or less the same.

Listening back, I'm actually still pretty into my original, pre-face-lift demo version. It's raw and live-feeling in a way that my stuff tends to not be, which was an intentional choice at the time. See what you think (THIS IS THE DEMO VERSION FROM 2011 NOT THE FINAL VERSION FROM 2018, THAT ONE DROPS NEXT WEEK):


Or try listening here if Soundcloud's not your bag:


Fun factoid: the piano part in the demo and the real version was recorded on an ACTUAL REAL LIVE PIANO at my parents' house. I don't do that much.

The actual song hits the airwaves in a matter of days. PUMP THYSELF.

Lewis Beard