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I promised you a song a month, and by god, I'm going to deliver a song a month. I'm not one to renege on blood oaths to the internet. So - let's get to it. Let's kick this thing off. Break some ground. Let's cut the ribbon with some huge fucking scissors.

June 4th, 2018 - SONG #1:


Now, even though I talked about how the Set Me Down single was a throat-clearing exercise to go ahead and release some songs that had been stuck in limbo since 2011, Peppermint isn't a whole lot younger. It began its life in January of 2015 in my parents' living room, where I had set up shop to avoid the pitfalls of recording in my creaky middle-floor apartment across town. Rather than employ my usual "acoustic guitar/maybe some piano/maybe dust in a little ELECTRIC GUITAR, SON!" formula, I resolved to go heavy on the synthesizers and computer-y drum loops, which fortuitously and unintentionally plonked me down right in the middle of what a certain sect of pop music tends to sound like in 2018 (you know, more or less). For whatever reason, I've always been drawn to the texture of Fingerpicked Guitar + Dense Robot Drums and Keys, so I figured it was time to give it a shot in my own music.

I finished it up, and there it lurked, deep in my hard drive, until summer 2016, when it was unearthed like a dinosaur bone at an archaeological dig site and sent over to my new friendgineer Deke Spears, who reworked and polished it to high heaven. Now it's all sparkly and ready for listening, like a dinosaur bone that's been through the car wash and painstakingly hand waxed. Mmm, waxy dinosaur bones.

If you're doing the math as you read, you'll realize that - as has become my unfortunate MO - Peppermint idled in its release-ready state for almost two years. That's dumb.

Here it is.