Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critical to me. Accordingly, I have drafted this Policy to be transparent in how I gather, utilize, impart and reveal and exploit the data I collect. The following outlines my privacy policy. 

  • Before or at the time of collecting personal information, I will identify the purposes for which information is being collected.

  • I will gather and exploit individual data with the sole aim of satisfying those reasons indicated at the time of collection unless I ask for and get your consent to use it otherwise.

  • I will hold individual data only for so long as is essential for the satisfaction of those reasons.

  • I will gather individual data by legal and reasonable means and, where fitting, with the informed consent of the individual concerned. 

  • Personal information collected shall be relevant to the reasons for which it is to be utilized.

  • I will not share personal information with outside/third parties. 

  • Upon request, I will promptly provide you with access to my privacy policy, any of your data that I have collected, and any procedures in place related to the administration of such data.