I just stuck my head outside, and as far as I can tell from the temperature, browning leaves, and direction the wind is blowing, it's September now, the fourth month of my monthly-song-release project. Since I'm still planning on releasing a total of five songs this way, that means I'm four-fifths of the way done.

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Lewis Beard
Tucson, Like It Or Not

August has swooped down upon us like a fiery but also vaguely damp phoenix, and you know what that means, or at least you SHOULD know what that means...wait, what does that mean? Oh, it means it's time for new music from The Wirelight.

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Lewis BeardThe Wirelight
Five Big-Time Influential Albums

In the interest of generating some content - and so that you don’t think I’m just resting on my laurels over here (I’m not, I’ve been recording and stockpiling sick tunes and trying to figure out what to do with them) - I’m going to talk about some albums that were instrumental in shaping me into the strapping young songwriter I’ve become.

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